helping out our devoted fire fighters – The grantville ute and 4×4 show and shine.

With bush fire season about to fire up Our local CFA is trying to raise funds to buy themselves a brand new tanker. The CFA is completely volunteer based and just by talking to them it is easy to see just how devoted they are to saving citizens lives by putting their own at risk. with little government funding the firies rely on fundraisers and the community is generally more than happy to help.

this show was actually pretty big for me as it was my Utes debut. the day I had been waiting for since i started the build two years ago.

unfortunately however, the show itself didn’t turn out to be big, as they didn’t get the number that they had anticipated.

you see what they had overlooked when deciding on a date for this show is that october 13th is the absolute biggest day in Australian motorsport; the Bathurst 1000.

that little fact coupled with the non stop rain kept most of the enthusiasts away, but a few brave guys and girls put up with the rain to make this event happen.

The owner of HQ4EVR was one of these brave souls and It was possibly the best car of the show.

in all of it’s GTS glory this ute is about as clean as your everyday resto gets.

clean wasn’t exactly the norm at this show however. dirt and bns where king here

Bns has never really interested me as I have always appreciated a clean build, but as I explore more of the scene I think my tastes may actually be changing yet again.

BNS is an predominately Aussie scene and it’s all about creativity, roughness, many stickers and Truck parts and just outright standing out! I had a chat to the owner of this Hilux and he has a great number of stories to tell about his stickered up pride and joy. he even has a tattoo of the toyota on his arm, with every single sticker done in detail!

it is certainly a style of it’s own…

and it come in many shapes and forms. This beat up XH Falcon is like no other ive seen before

I certainly won’t be putting any Truck parts on my XF any time soon but it just goes to show how wide the Ute scene can be.

“with a little bit of luck ill find me a girl with a truck”

the 4X4 scene where big in numbers and covered in mud!

How tough is this green Patrol! this is exactly how i would have one of these

it’s cool to be surrounded by raised and abused four wheel drives when my world revolves around low and babied street machines.

not all of these four wheel drives see dirt tracks and mud however….

i dont remember ever seeing a GQ with this many high end modifications before!

its so clean i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this patrol was trailered to some events!

they really pulled a crowd, blasting some country music through this massive portable sound system they had set up in the tray

the toyota he turned up with was a different story. this beast is all business!

up close it looked properly show worthy which had me and my mates guessing that it was just another promo car…

but inside it’s immaculate cabin they had placed this ipad which showed a slideshow full of photos of the cruiser  tackling some tough trails.

check out mule! packing some big cube ford v8 power this was one of my favourites of the show and a big hit with the judges.

this is one car show where showing up covered in mud is accepted!

it was cool to see another XF ute at the show..

this one was somewhere between street and BNS

if i hadn’t gone full bore on my ute it probably would have ended up a little bit like this

the rumour is the show will be happening again next year and there will be a change in date to avoid bathurst!

so come check it out and help make this brand new show a great one!

with the quality of the cars that showed up this year you won’t be disappointed

ill finish with this commodore ute from reflections truck accessories.

and this is the end, hope you enjoyed the coverage 🙂


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