the incredibly fast, loud and exciting side of sandown

While the rich exhibits of streeters at the sandown 500 was fun and interesting on it’s own accord we can’t forget the entire reason we have this event in the first place, and that of course is the racing. while the Main focus is the very popular V8 supercar series there is plenty more to see. this includes the V8 utes series, the classic muscle car series as well as shows put on by a very talented stunt team, an amazing Aeronautical display, show dedicated custom cars and a host of other things to check out while your there. i would definitely recommend going next year with the family if you can make it. entry fee’s are fair, especially if you go on the Saturday and if your lucky the weather might turn out as good as it did this year.

is this the first manga you have seen modified to this extent? yep, me too. can’t go wrong with a two door conversion and a big v8 on anything i suppose.

is this the first manga you have seen modified to this extent? yep, me too. can’t go wrong with a two door conversion and a big v8 on anything i suppose.

Check out this insane replica of Mr beans mini. this one is complete with a NOS injected Ford 289 v8

the V8 ute series is always exciting to watch. the drivers push these utes to the limit despite and i just love the fact that they are basically still factory cars.

this creates some exciting action as all ute owners will know, these cars are very light in the rear end and spins are inevitable.

there isn’t a lot i like to see more than some classics battling it out on the track however, so this series was the one i couldn’t take my senses away from. the Sights, smells and amazing sounds that these old beasts generate is one that can’t be beat in my mind.

The winner for crowd favorite has to be given to the V8 supercars of course as the sheer speed of these machines is just incredible. when your there in person it’s hard to believe how quickly the drivers of these track monsters throw their cars into the corners, seemingly with ease. it is simply very cool to watch.

the stunt inc. team where on hand for an awesome show to keep the crowds revved up during the intervals.

as was the Massel stunt plane who put on a dare devil performance. he was clearly a very experienced pilot as he defied gravity to do things that i would have thought impossible until i sore them with my own eyes. truly something everybody should experience once.

the navy where there too to do a fly around as well as showing the crowd how they perform there rescue operations.

i thought this EF falcon was extremely tough looking. it is clearly built for anything.

and that just about raps up my coverage of this years Sandown 500. i hope you will make it next year as it is certainly a great day out.


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