The streeter side of The Sandown 500. 2013

The V8 supercars may be all about the racing but let me tell you if you want to take a quick break from the action Sandown was packed with things to see and do. Due to not wanting to miss a lot of the racing as it is rare i get to see it live I painfully did not get to spend a lot of time with the show cars but i made sure i got to see them all. Shannon’s held the show and included a lot of clubs for the outdoor section and the indoor section was mainly newer cars and show cars and was dominated by a great selection of Saleen mustangs. Also cool to check out was the decibel drag racing, which is literally a comp where cars battle to see who has the biggest and loudest sound system. this often results in a cheap small cars getting extremely expensive sound systems. here Is a selection of the cars i managed to shoot on the day. if you enjoy them please subscribe as i will be posting the not so streeter side of sandown Soon!


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