ENVYXF – standing out on a budget

Everybody has different ideas when it comes to modifying cars but these days it seems a lot of people my age seem to be sticking to the same style as the other kids in town. you know the ones, lots of late model falcons, commodores and maybe a third party (in my town there seems to be a lot of poorly modified magnas…) with all of the same modifications. P platers like to Modify there cars but most of us don’t have a lot of cash in the pocket to do it with so they find cheap affordable mods. once these affordable modifications become popular all of the cars start to blend in together and nothing stands out anymore. this is why i chose the Project i have, i wanted to not only try to make an unpopular model cool, but make it stand out in a crowd in a way that people like for a very affordable price. when My 91 Ford XF falcon ute fell into my Hands it cost only $1200 and was a complete mess body wise. mechanically it was fairly good as most XF’s are but all of those years of being a tradies ute had taken there toll.

When i started the project I spent hours playing with ideas in my head, planning the build and deciding on what i liked and didn’t. to be honest for a while there i was actually contemplating being boring and just painting white again and throwing on a set of eighteens like everybody else but that never sat right. in the End the choice was clear, i wanted to paint it a bright controversial colour and pay tribute to the Late seventies – early 80’s muscle car scene that i love so much. so with that decided we set to work.

As a school boy working 4 hours a week at autobarn I really haven’t got a lot of funds so this entire project was done by my dad and myself in our humble little shed. i really couldn’t have done any of this without dad, and he put two years of his weekends into this car for me and the entire thing was a great big bonding experience for the two of us, making this ute very special for the both of us.

After many, many hours of body work, sanding and solving various setbacks the car was finally sprayed in Fords awesome Metallic Envy green, a colour that can be both retina burning bright and the complete opposite depending on what time of day it is. The body has not received many modifications so far apart from the XG grill which has had it’s badge removed and some chrome replacement pieces such as the door handles and Full cap but these changes alone make a big difference to the appearance.

once the paint was ready i spent a few hours carefully polishing the entire body by hand and the paint came out amazing. dad Did a fantastic job don’t you agree?

The day i got it registered gave me a feeling of great accomplishment, I was extremely proud of what we had achieved on such a low budget, in fact, due to my money saving idea’s and the fact that we did it all ourselves it only ended up costing me just over 4 thousand dollars, and we have added at least 5 grand onto the car’s value from when we brought it.

check out the old school stance, that mild sniffer rake on the deep dish Weld Prostars (15×6 and 15×8) just isn’t something you see on newer cars very often and i love the way this package works on that muscular body.

i decided to keep the body badge-less for that smooth look, this works particularly well on the tailgate.

i have to admit though i did feel guilty about not having any ford badges on the car, so i brought this sticker on trusty old ebay from the USA.

for a bit of extra practicality i installed this kinchrome tool chest on some old draw slides.

not a lot has been done to the interior as of yet. she is still sporting the original bench seat and i have died all of the removable interior plastics blaaaaaaack.

The sound system may be small but in such a small cabin those deep pioneer TS-D 6×9’s Put out fantastic sound and hooked up with that amp the bass is more than satisfactory.

The latest modification to the ute was to add the rare and pricey  XG xr6 headlights. These twin lights are not everybody’s cup of tea so the response has been quite mixed but I’m loving the way they look and that’s all that matters. The twin lights are not found on a lot of cars so i see that as another benefit as it sets it apart even more.

this Ute may not be everybody’s thing but man does it turn some heads. I stop and stare every time i walk away from it and to me that spells success. I hope you enjoyed my first feature and I’m trying to line up some very special cars as we speak.


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