consider voting for the AMEP

I reallllly hate to get political as I hate politics and I know a lot of you out there will As well but i would just like to say something about the Australian Motoring enthusiasts party. This party is actually very serious and dedicated to achieving results for our society and if they are allowed to have a say they will not only do good things for the enthusiasts but they want to help all drivers on are roads. the problem is the Police and Government see motorists as a tool for mass revenue raising, have you noticed an alarming rate of new laws, taxes and police activity that are designed to rake as much money from our wallets as possible? well maybe if we have a voice inside the government we may have a slim chance of making things a little fairer for the motorist. so please check out there website and consider putting a one in their box tomorrow on election day, even if it’s just to stick it to Rudd and Abbot!

I apologize again for getting political! haha


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