An introduction to my photography


I have loved photography for a few years now, an amazing photo always leaves me staring, trying to understand what the artist was thinking and what he was trying to say when they took it. Once you get into photography you start to learn how to put real personality and feeling into your photographs and this is what i love about it, it is an art form that speaks to everybody, no matter you who are and it is an art that can be practiced by anybody with a little imagination and soul. A picture can say a thousand words they say, so what do the next ones say to you?

one way to end a holiday

car’s have always been my passion so car photography is my main focus. i haven’t had a lot of chances to practice it over the years due to school and the lack of a license. but the Day I hit legal driving age i got my license and now that the warm weather is coming back and I’m about to finish year twelve I’m going to get right into it. so watch this space as I learn more about my passion and share the results with all of you! ill finish this post with a mix of car’s that I love, you will notice a trend I’m sure, but don’t worry i have interest  in almost every scene in the wonderful world of Modified cars and I am open to basically anything. I hope you enjoy!

and ill finish with a Pic of this Envy Green XF Ute. you will more than likely see a lot of this ute during my post’s, as this one is my pride and joy 🙂


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